"The Deviant Playground was exotic. Need I even say romantic. Bathed in the familiar umber and grungy tones of the warehouse genre, shot through with long shadows and oily light, full of fleshy bodies, it could have been the harem of Sardanapalus. Indeed, concubinage obtained. A distant, puerile eroticcism. An exotic adolescence. A kidnapped feeling."

- Medea de Vyse, Sandbox Magazine, Issue #3

"...sexuality was an underlying theme all night. A lot of the folks who came (pun intended? Maybe!) Are also denizens of Manhattan's darkside clubs. It was cool to see them dressed to the max in their fierce leather and metal studs while they were cavorting around the playground area like little kids."

- Arcadia, Tattoo Savage Magazine

"... at its essence the Deviant Playground was an experiment. I wanted to see what happens when you combine the fetish community with the interactive installation art community because these are two separate communities that happen to do similar things... I saw that there was an overlap and I wanted to see if you could combine them."

- Anna Hurwitz, Producer, Interview in Sandbox #3

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